Monday, April 22, 2013

Le Portal (Updated: Worm thing)

Haven't rigged or animated it yet.

I made another toothy thing.

Basic Nether Layout

Ok, so here are a few sketches to show the general area of the nether. The portal with be located in the dead center of the map. Other than that, the rest of these ideas are totally open to change based on who ever is working on which part. For example: lets say Erika is drawing up some texture tiles for the terrain but decides that mud has no real place in the map. Then its totally cool if you want to cut it from the list. As always, feel free to add anything you'd like to this as well.

I also just thought of a cool idea for a teleporting rock or area that when the player collides with it, will then be teleported to another island. I'll ask Rebecca tomorrow if thats a possibility as far as code goes tomorrow.

I'm going to build the portal tonight. Then get to work on modeling some more features for the nether. specifically things to be brought back to the lab.

Erika: Andrew and I decided the lab would look better without textures. Feel free to take on anything listed in the images below, or on the list from earlier. You can add anything you want too.

Andrew will be working on some more models for the lab and start building the nether itself as well.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress tomorrow!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lab Progress

Hey guys, So here's the lab so far. I all i have to do is seal a few seams here and there. I'll get to work on the portal next. and then I have a few ideas for some simple creatures I can model for the Nether (I'll try and get those concepts up tonight as well.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A rough outline of each of our duties so far.

Here is our assigned jobs at the moment. Feel free to add whatever you want to the list. Remember, try to knock out the 3D models as fast as possible. Rebecca said not every model has to have a texture. We can have a simple model without any texture but with some color and material properties added to further describe the object. i.e. a model of a metal door just colored grey and some glossy shader properties added to it will work fine.

Nick -

  • Textures:
    • Nether Portal
    • anything else i decide to model. i'll keep everyone updated.
  • 3D: 
    • Lab Room
    • Nether Portal
    • Nether objects
  • Scripting

Erika -

  • Textures:
    • ground tiles no lava
    • Skybox a la Book of Eli
      • tim burton like clouds
      • upward: sky
      • middle is sky to mist
      • below abyss
      • distant islands and planets
    • Lab textures
      • dirty
  • 3D:
    • stone alters
    • dead plants
  • references:
    • Halflife 1 Xen

Andrew -

  • 3D:
    • Nether
    • Lab Props/elements
    • Ruins

here are some more

Some References

Monday, April 15, 2013

Creature Containers and More Gameplay Ideas!

Hey guys!
So I've thought about the general premise of our game and I have come up with an interesting idea that will hopefully help guid our gameplay concept. So we already know the player must enter the nether and bring something back. Well I propose we have the player bring back specimen to be later studied in the lab. The player can enter the nether, then through some sort of capture method (shooting, trapping, catching) the player will obtain a specimen and bring it back to the lab. The specimen can be held within these creature containers!

These containers will be fun and simple to model/texture for the game. Plus, they would be great opportunities to add some moody glowing blue lights to the lab to really create a spooky atmosphere.

I will happily model these if we all agree we want them in the game!

Also, here is our basic idea of our game thus far:

Scientist (player) opens up a portal to the nether in his lab though something like throwing a potion or chemical concoction at a wall which spawns the nether portal.

Player walks through portal and into the nether world.

Nether world is full of odd landscapes and features with an odd atmosphere.

Player hunts down specimen and captures them.

Player brings specimen back to the lab.

I'll get to work on a concept for the lab + nether world ASAP as should everyone else.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SO, been thinking of ideas for environments, characters, and colors. maybe stupid but just throwing stuff out there.

Main character: ( is this in 3rd or 1st, regardless here is a couple of ideas)

  • a soul thats trapped in the nether world trying to get out. 
  • crazy ex girlfriend wants to escape the nether world, and haunt her ex forever!!!! muahaha
  • a boy/girl who is wandering around (where ever it is we decide on) falls upon portal enters and gets trapped into the nether world.
  • a recently deceased person and his/her journey into the underworld!!
  • or from a dogs point of view entering the wrong portal, the cats netherworld and his journey to find a way out and not get enslaved by the cats! 
Idk but its something, ok onto environment options.

  • start off in a grave yard see portal, enter
  • start off is some place that you wouldnt expect to be the door to the underworld  like a super fancy family home, or a church? and once you enter the portal the environment is the same but the colors are different, the doors lead to other portals with the nether world. 
  • awesome palace looking place with epic pillars and cool medieval stuff.
  • dream like environment? 
cant really think of anything.....but I put some colors together...
maybe a color platte different portals? if we do that, but yeah Ill be posting more

Monday, April 8, 2013


The blog has been born! Please post everything you got as often as you can so we can all keep up to date with each other. I suggest we use Facebook for communication as it seems to have proven the most effective method thus far.

To get things started, here is my concept for the Nether portal design.
At this moment, I'd like to immediately offer to model and animate this feature myself. Let me know if any of you guys have any queries or suggestions!

This project will be a blast!

Also, as with our other classes, please remember to label each post appropriate to its content to make it a bit easier to navigate around here.