Monday, April 22, 2013

Basic Nether Layout

Ok, so here are a few sketches to show the general area of the nether. The portal with be located in the dead center of the map. Other than that, the rest of these ideas are totally open to change based on who ever is working on which part. For example: lets say Erika is drawing up some texture tiles for the terrain but decides that mud has no real place in the map. Then its totally cool if you want to cut it from the list. As always, feel free to add anything you'd like to this as well.

I also just thought of a cool idea for a teleporting rock or area that when the player collides with it, will then be teleported to another island. I'll ask Rebecca tomorrow if thats a possibility as far as code goes tomorrow.

I'm going to build the portal tonight. Then get to work on modeling some more features for the nether. specifically things to be brought back to the lab.

Erika: Andrew and I decided the lab would look better without textures. Feel free to take on anything listed in the images below, or on the list from earlier. You can add anything you want too.

Andrew will be working on some more models for the lab and start building the nether itself as well.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress tomorrow!

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