Monday, April 15, 2013

Creature Containers and More Gameplay Ideas!

Hey guys!
So I've thought about the general premise of our game and I have come up with an interesting idea that will hopefully help guid our gameplay concept. So we already know the player must enter the nether and bring something back. Well I propose we have the player bring back specimen to be later studied in the lab. The player can enter the nether, then through some sort of capture method (shooting, trapping, catching) the player will obtain a specimen and bring it back to the lab. The specimen can be held within these creature containers!

These containers will be fun and simple to model/texture for the game. Plus, they would be great opportunities to add some moody glowing blue lights to the lab to really create a spooky atmosphere.

I will happily model these if we all agree we want them in the game!

Also, here is our basic idea of our game thus far:

Scientist (player) opens up a portal to the nether in his lab though something like throwing a potion or chemical concoction at a wall which spawns the nether portal.

Player walks through portal and into the nether world.

Nether world is full of odd landscapes and features with an odd atmosphere.

Player hunts down specimen and captures them.

Player brings specimen back to the lab.

I'll get to work on a concept for the lab + nether world ASAP as should everyone else.

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