Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SO, been thinking of ideas for environments, characters, and colors. maybe stupid but just throwing stuff out there.

Main character: ( is this in 3rd or 1st, regardless here is a couple of ideas)

  • a soul thats trapped in the nether world trying to get out. 
  • crazy ex girlfriend wants to escape the nether world, and haunt her ex forever!!!! muahaha
  • a boy/girl who is wandering around (where ever it is we decide on) falls upon portal enters and gets trapped into the nether world.
  • a recently deceased person and his/her journey into the underworld!!
  • or from a dogs point of view entering the wrong portal, the cats netherworld and his journey to find a way out and not get enslaved by the cats! 
Idk but its something, ok onto environment options.

  • start off in a grave yard see portal, enter
  • start off is some place that you wouldnt expect to be the door to the underworld  like a super fancy family home, or a church? and once you enter the portal the environment is the same but the colors are different, the doors lead to other portals with the nether world. 
  • awesome palace looking place with epic pillars and cool medieval stuff.
  • dream like environment? 
cant really think of anything.....but I put some colors together...
maybe a color platte different portals? if we do that, but yeah Ill be posting more

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